Data Center Cooling

PlenaForm® raised floor baffle system is a vertical under floor partitioning system for computer room raised floors.

Velocity is the time rate of motion, therefore velocity pressure is the pressure caused by air in motion. When air from a CRAC unit is forced through a partitioned air flow space, static pressure is created. Without dedicated partitioning, as the air moves further away from a CRAC unit, the air velocity decreases. Creating dedicated “hot and cold aisles” or “rack and row” data center equipment placement configurations with the PlenaForm® Baffle System increases the static pressure, delivering a higher volume of cooling through perforated tiles and at a further distance from the CRAC units. To maintain velocity pressure to particular ‘hot zones’, PlenaForm baffles help maintain the static pressure further away from a CRAC unit.


1. Create targeted cooling for hot zones
2. Increase air pressure by creating dedicated cold aisles.
3. Partition off vacant data center space
4. Seal off perimeter corridors and walkways
5. Partition under Control Centers to keep employees comfortable
6. Seal off under PDU’s
7. Stop air loss under server racks
8. Establish hot aisles/cold aisles
9. Create dedicated return air paths above ceilings
10. Install inside servers racks to stop lateral heat transfer
11. Control and balance data center airflow


No installation tools required.
Sheets are scored for easy sizing.
Fits any raised floor pedestal style.
Continuous hole pattern allows attachment at any location.
Cuts easily for passage of cable, conduit, cable trays & power feeds.

Challenges in Data Center Cooling

Keep Employees Comfortable

Establish Hot Aisles / Cold Aisles

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